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Event Lighting

Proper lighting provides the easiest way to transform a standard event into a memorable experience. Lighting sets the mood of the room.

Transform your event site from ordinary to simply stunning. Our lighting packages range from $250 to $960.

Check out these images below to see the ways in which lighting can change a room:

Before After   Before After
Before Lighting Effects 1 After Lighting Effects 1    Before Lighting Effects 2 After Lighting Effects 2
Before Lighting Effects 3 After Lighting Effects 3   Before Lighting Effects 4 After Lighting Effects 4
Before Lighting Effects 5 After Lighting Effects 5 Before Lighting Effects 6 After Lighting Effects 6
Before Lighting Effects 7 After Lighting Effects 7   Before Lighting Effects 8 After Lighting Effects 8


If you are interested in a more custom look, we offer lighting options that can be tailored specifically to your occasion. Gobos are circular stencils that, when placed over a light, will project a design or pattern onto a flat surface in your event hall. Popular gobo designs are monograms, dates, or most any other relevant motif. Prices vary with the complexity of the design. Gobo pricing starts at $250.

Here are some examples of our custom gobos:

Gobo 1 Gobo 2 Gobo 6
Gobo 4 Gobo 8 Gobo 9
Gobo 3 Gobo 5 Gobo 7

Create memorable custom wedding gobos with Apollo’s Wedding Templates.

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